TruCore Sludge Sampler

The TruCore sludge sampler is used for core sampling of wastewater in septic tanks and other fluids. This sampler is an alternative to the Sludge Judge® and other popular sludge samplers. Core samples of septic tank scum and sludge can determine when a septic tank needs to be pumped and cleaned.

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The TruCore Sludge Sampler

The TruCore sludge sampler for wastewater and other fluids. The design of this unit allows samples to be taken without creating excessive turbulance often associated with other samplers. Because there are no restrictions caused by valves, stoppers, flaps, etc., fluid is allowed to flow freely and undisturbed into the sampling tube creating an extremely accurate core sample of the contents of the tank.

Product Features

  • 8 FT Sampler (Two Four Foot Sections) Marked Every 12 Inches
  • Most Accurate Sludge Sampler On The Market
  • Samples Are Quick and Easy To Take
  • Huge Sampling Capacity (10 ounces per foot)
  • Two Sections Allows for Easy Storage and Handling
  • Alternative to Sludge Judge® and Other Samplers

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