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Installation Instructions:

1) Measure and excavate hole for proper sizing and to be sure the hole follows the curvature of the tank. The bottom of the hole must be level and undisturbed.  If rock or potentially sharp objects are present at the bottom of the hold, provide a 6 to 8 inch base of pea gravel.  Never place tank directly on sharp objects or rocks.  However, if there is a good, level, undisturbed base, this may not be necessary.

2) Place tank into hole using lifting lugs at each end of tank, or manually set the tank by hand.  It is not necessary or recommended to use manhole opening or inlet and outlet piping to lift tank into place.  Level tank with carpenter or laser level.

3) The maximum factory recommende burial depth for septic tanks is 24" from tank top to surface grade.  Pump tanks are recommended to be installed at similar depths but may be buried at a depth not to exceed 48 inches.

4) Begin backfilling columns with either pea gravel or sand if present.  Excavated aggregates may be used so long as the material is loose and can avoid the common voids associated with heavy clay materials.  If water is present directly beneath tank bottom, place bucket gently on top of the tank while filling tank with water to offset hydrostatic pressures.  If high water may be a continual threat it is then recommended that pea gravel or sand is used in backfilling columns. Re-level tank if necessary.

5) Begin backfilling around the tank; continue to compact aggregate around tank to eliminate voids within the backfilling material.  Filling the takn with water during this process is not required as long as water is not present beneath the tank, and extremely heavy clays are not being used as backfill material.

6) Once the tank has been completely backfilled, it is suggested to fill tank with water, if high water tables or heavy soil conditions exist.  This process is beneficial in allowing the product and soils to begin settling into place.  It is also advantageous for those unexpected rainfalls that may hit prior to tank settling.

7) The act of filling the tank with water in good site conditions to eliminate deformation of the tank is not necessary.

8) Pump tank installation should follow similar procedures, however, it is acknowledged by the manufacturer that the tank will not remain at full capacity for extended periods of time as long as the appropriate procedures listed above for high water tables and poor soil conditions were instituted, the appropriate minimum liquid depth should range between 6 to 18 inches.




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