Air Pump Housing and Platform - MORE Information

This new and improved Vented Air Pump Housing and Platform is designed to provide protection for your aerobic system air pump and at the same time look good in your yard. It is constructed of a high quality injection molded plastic that is dark green in color to match your grass. Both the housing and platform have a textured finish to ensure it will look like new for years to come. The housing has been specially constructed with curved edges and a rounded top to add a tremendous amount of strength to it. These enhanced design elements can only be achieved through an expensive cast injection molding process.

The housings come with an 8-inch aluminum vent on each end, along with an opening between the bottom of the housing and the top of the platform to provide adequate ventilation for your air pump, enabling that air pump to run cool and last much longer. The aluminum vents are screened on the backside to keep grass clippings, dirt, and debris away from your pump. The housing can be easily removed from the platform to allow access to the air pump by removing 4 small stainless screws from the aluminum inserts located in the platform. The platform is 22 inches long, 17 ½ inches wide, and 5 ½ inches tall. The housing is 13 inches tall making an overall height when attached to the platform of 18 ½ inches. The platform has plenty of bracing to adequately support any aerobic air pump. The small investment you put into purchasing a quality air pump housing and platform today can easily extend the life of your air pump by protecting it from the elements. Longer lasting air pumps, safer installations keeping pets and small children away from the electrical components, and a quality good looking product are just a few of the reasons you should consider purchasing an Air Pump Housing and Platform from Septic Solutions, Inc. today.

Quantity discounts from as few as 10 housings and platforms to as many as 100 are available. Please call 1-877-925-5992 for special quantity discounted pricing. This housing is used in many different applications including the one shown below with an alarm and control panel mounted to it.